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Why You Should Unsubscribe from My Emails

One of the other great things about email is that I get to be transparent with you.

When I send my emails – I always write them live.

(In fact I’m writing this on my laptop sat on my bed before the football kicks off – good luck Mourinho!)

Very rarely will you get an email from me that’s been written way in advance.


Well, I got fed up of my inbox being full of emails from people either talking nonsense or just telling me ‘time is running out.’

I want to be honest with you.

Yes. I am on Online Personal Trainer and I do have an online coaching program called the Lean Machine

If you’re a guy working in an office who wants to be able to wake up leaner, stronger and full of energy, then I’m your man.

If you’re not in that bracket – I’d recommend unsubscribing.

BUT I know something in you wanted to make a change when you signed up for the Lean Machine System.

Something in you was fed up.

I have been that guy working in an office fed up. Just with absolutely NO energy after work.

It sucks.

I lost my last girlfriend over it.

Got down in the dumps.

Was always tired.

So I’ve been there.

BUT, I’m letting you know that there is an alternative way of doing things.

Where you actually come home buzzing from work.

Where you have crazy focus and concentration in front of your computer.

Where you feel like a flippin’ alpha male and look like a beast in clothes again.

So look, I will NOT bullsh*t you about anything.

The Lean Machine Program will be going live in the second week of January 2017.

If you’d like some cheeky early bird access to the program when it opens again – you can get hold of that good stuff here:


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