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Why You Should Cheat More

Ok so over the last few days I’ve been talking…

I’ve been taking to a lot of blokes who have got themselves into a position where they just CANNOT shift any more weight/fat.

They’ve cut their calories…

They’re training 5 times per week…

And they’re eating really ‘healthy’..

So what gives?

Well let me tell you about a little guy called


Leptin is a fat regulating hormone.

He’s the guy who decides when and for how long your body releases fat to use as energy.

So if your calories are low for a long period of time or you’re exercising waaay too much, Leptin likes to step in.

In fact, he’ll usually start telling the rest of the body to stop using as much fat for energy after 72 hours of lowering your calories.

To be fair, he’s a good guy and he’s trying to look out for you.

BUT – he doesn’t realise that you’re getting pissed off with never shifting the final bit of flubber around your middle.

However, you can convince leptin to chill out and restart the fat burning process for you.

Now, he doesn’t know that you’re tricking him here but he will work with you IF you do this the right way.

So – we know that when your body fat starts to drop and you’ve been smashing the gym – Leptin steps in and calms the whole thing down.

He doesn’t want you to die remember.

So what we need to do is convince leptin that we actually need to burn fat again WITHOUT ACTUALLY GETTING FAT.

How do we do this?..

…By having a cheat day or cheat meal.

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A big influx of calories in a short period of time signals to Leptin that there is too much fat in the body again.

So Leptin responds by activating all of the fat burning hormones in the body and telling them to get into the bloodstream and start burning this stuff.

Here’s the trick.

Because you’re only cheating for a short space of time with large boost in calories – after all of these new calories have been digested and dealt with…

These fat-burning hormones just hang around in the bloodstream and body for some time afterwards.


When you go back to lower calories the next day – Leptin leaves the hormones hanging around to keep burning fat.

So NOW you’re burning the last parts of your body fat that you could NOT shift before.

See? It’s easy.

Work with Leptin, enjoy a cheat meal and/or cheat day and carry on burning fat until you are VERY VERY LEAN!

Olly ‘Leptin’s best bud’ Rees
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