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My Uncensored Opinion On Personal Trainers (and why they’re useless)

Big disclaimer going in here…

I am a qualified and ‘Advanced’ Personal Trainer (blowing my own worthless PT trumpet here)

So why am I so annoyed and why is my trumpet worthless?

Well, on Monday morning I’d just switched to training at Pure Gym in Cardiff city centre.

Open 24 hours – decent equipment.

Happy days.

But as I was resting between a set of bench press – something really really pis*ed me off.

I saw a 30-35 year old man setting up a barbell to perform deadlifts, alongside a very disinterested ‘Personal Trainer’

This lad (the trainer) was sat in his gym hoodie, on a bench…just texting…

Whist his client (with really bad form) started lifting.

He didn’t look up ONCE.

This went on for the next few sets and then – the next few exercises.

Why am I so mad?

Well my missus previously worked in that gym as a Personal Trainer and I know that the gentleman training would have paid a good chunk of money to have someone….

Just sit and text next to him.

The lesson for you?

If you EVER hire a personal trainer…

Please make sure:

1. They actually give a crap about you and understand that you’re parting with your hard-earned money to try and turn your life around. It’s their job to be enthusiastic!

2. That they are working towards and end RESULT. Please NEVER buy sessions. Invest in something/someone where you can track your results, view your progress and actually reach a goal.

If you’re buying one-off sessions, you might as well throw that money down the toilet.

I am 100% all about results.

In fact, I’ve put together a video that talks about the need to chase results to transform your body.

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