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The Seat Belt Diet For Blokes In Offices

I’ve started a new diet…

It’s called:

‘The Seat Belt Diet’

The thinking behind it?

Well every time someone feels like they’re falling off the ‘wagon’, their diet seat belt is there to keep them aboard.

So look, I’m only joking but there’s a serious point here….

If you are a guy who is constantly falling off the ‘wagon’ – something needs to change.

Because the nutrition and exercise plan ‘wagon’ you’re trying to stay on just isn’t matching up with what you want to do day-to-day.

I really don’t want blokes wasting their time anymore.

Trying to eat salads every day to shift the belly is tough.

Don’t get me wrong this probably will work but it will be a MASSIVE ball ache.

If you’ve got the willpower then by all means crack on.

But if you’re a busy bloke who enjoys:

– a few beers
– a glass of wine
– a bar of chocolate
– or the odd pizza

You can still 100% include this type of food in your diet.

You just need to know how to do it and what to do around it.

This post takes you step-by-step through exactly HOW to do this

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