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The Obstacle Run Fat Loss Plan

Would you like to do this..?

I got a message two days ago from one of my clients Darren, who lives up in Scotland.

He dropped a couple of photos in our private members group and added this alongside them:

“Saturday’s on the left, 10k beast done, would’ve been impossible to even contemplate before joining this group.”

Now Darren and I have worked together for a while and he just keeps on progressing onto bigger and better things.

Not only has he lost 4.5 inches from his middle…

But he’s just smashed a 10km obstacle course and for me this is what it’s about.

Here’s what I’d like for you and loads of busy blokes who just want the weight gone:

1. Start the programme and just get the weight off

2. In the process of getting the weight off – then understand how to keep it off

3. Once you’ve done the two above, start doing the things that you’ve always wanted to do

Because that’s what this is all about, right?

This ain’t no Weight Watchers crap where we just weigh in forever…

We’re here to help Darren and blokes like you do the things that deep down you know you want to do.

That might be:

– Looking real trim for a holiday
– Getting into an old work suit
– Wearing some fitted t-shirts on the weekend without caring
– Getting back into football and feeling really fit
– Or even taking on a fun run/marathon at full tilt

This is what it’s about and it all starts with following a proven system and just having a life in the process.

As I mentioned yesterday, the Academy will open up at the end of this week for 24 hours for those who really want to give this a proper crack.

I’ll talk about it more in the coming days but for now, just have a think today about what you could really get out of your week/month/year if you could get down to your fighting weight and be fighting fit again…

That’s what I want for you before it’s too late….

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