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The Fat Loss Question That Reveals The Truth About Me

So I had a question sent in from Mark yesterday who was interested in the Belly Blasting Challenge but wanted to find out a little bit more…

Here’s what he said:

“Hi Olly, interested in this Belly Blasting challenge but would be good to know a little bit more as I don’t want it to be one of those crash diet things. I just can’t keep them up, plus I’m really busy at the moment.”

So firstly nice one on asking this question Mark because there are plenty of absolutely numpty crash diets and other nonsense out there…

This live challenge will be NONE of that.

Plain and simple here’s what we’ll be doing as of next week:

(Day 1 – Sunday 23rd September) – Showing You How To Add Intermittent Fasting Into Your Day To Enjoy Social Situations Guilt-Free And Free Up More Time

(Day 2 – Monday 24th September) – Adding Intermittent Fasting Into Your Day

(Day 3 – Tuesday 25th September) – Showing You The Most Effective And Time-Effective Fat Loss Workouts For YOUR Body (That Take Less Than 8 Minutes)

(Day 4- Wednesday 26th September) – Combining The Fasting And The Workouts And Adding Them Into Your Day

(Day 5 – Thursday 27th September) – Showing You How To Eat The Right Amount Of Calories For Your Body (If You Get This Wrong, Every ‘Diet’ or ‘Programme’ You Ever Do Will Be Completely Pointless)

(Day 6 – Friday 28th September) – The Magic Weight Loss Formula – I’ll Show You Exactly What Is Going To Happen When You Try To Get The Weight Off And How To Make Sure The Scales Keep Moving After The Challenge

(Day 7 – Saturday 29th September) Reviewing Your Results – <<< As It Says

That’s it.

So if you’re fed up off feeling the gut grow…

===> Then Jump In Here

You don’t need ANYTHING to get started.

– No food prep
– No healthy shop
– No gym membership

Just follow what I tell you and watch the first 5-10lbs drop off AND learn how to keep this going forever.

===> Get In Here

What’s the catch?

Well let’s see if you can stick it out because a LOT of people like to talk the talk….

See you in there,


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