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The Fat Loss Formula For Busy Men

Would this help you out?

*Understanding how much food you need to eat to guarantee that the gut disappears

*Getting clear on what the heck you need to eat day to day that will actually help you lose weight

*Finding out the types of workouts which are going to help YOUR body burn more fat

*Get clued up on how to still enjoy a few beers and some treats on the weekends without gaining weight and undoing all of your progress

If this sounds like something that would get you out of the frustration of carrying weight around your middle…

The 7 Day Belly Blasting Challenge (which is filling up nicely) is for you.

I’ll be coaching you through the Lean Machine system to help you get all of the above ^ into your week – effortlessly.

Want to jump in?

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P.s don’t be surprised if you shift the first 5-10lbs in this challenge too

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