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Scottish Sales Manager Loses Just Under 2 Stone At Work

This guy is a legend.

When I first spoke to Chris back in the middle of February, I think he would agree he was in a bit of a rut.

He had piled the weight on and wanted to do something about asap.

As well as being a thoroughly nice bloke, Chris also had two kids to look after whilst working as a Sales Manager.

I remember when I first spoke to him and I could hear him trying to manage the kids whilst working out what he wanted to do over the phone.

Trying to sort out their food and make a decision was tough but I know he made the right one.

Ever since the day he signed up to the Lean Machine Program, the guy has been a machine.

All he’s done every week is his 3 body weight workouts at home, used the intermittent fasting approach and he’s down almost two stone and looks completely different!

(You can see his older progress photos here: – new ones coming soon)

After telling me how much he wanted to get rid of hist beer belly, he now knows it’s a thing of the past and it will NEVER come back.

He kindly wrote some feedback here:

In short, this is what he said:

“The best part about the program has been losing the belly fat so quickly and easily, giving me so much more confidence and energy. Also getting me into a routine that is easy to stick to”

“The program is simple and effective. Tracking food and fitting in the workouts around a hectic lifestyle has become second nature and it’s so flexible.”

“The support is great with regular updates, coaching and really useful training.”

So again, we have another great guy who is too busy for the conventional way of dieting and training who is still melting the fat away.

All I ask is that over the weekend you take a look at if the program fits in with your life and what you’re looking to do here:

If it doesn’t – fair enough and I’ll take you off the system.

If it does, just let me know and we can get you up and running really quickly to save you a shed load of time and a shit load of money.

Take it easy,


P.S If you’re still a little bit hesitant about whether or not you’ll think it will work for you, you can run through the free 7 Day Office Belly Challenge here: You’ll get a full nutrition and training system that will show you how to melt fat and boost your energy levels around your day at the office or on the road

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