Please don't lose weight this weekend - Olly Rees

Please don’t lose weight this weekend

This weekend..

STOP chasing the numbers and start chasing the IMAGE

A lot of guys who message me normally say:

“Olly I’m looking to drop some weight, I want to get to X amount on the scales” and this is where….


Fitness Cover Models and athletes don’t chase the number on the scale…

They chase the result.

You could lose 4kg on the scale but still have man tits and love handles.


You could not lose any actual ‘weight’ on the scales but still lose your love handles and beer belly in the process.

YES the number on the scales is the same, but your body looks fucking waaaaay better.

Here’s the secret…

Fitness professionals and trainers prey on the fact that you are chasing the WEIGHT on the scales and they will help you lower those numbers.

That’s what crash dieting and overtraining will do.


What matters is: how you LOOK!

So stop fucking around with the just the number on the scales and combine it with a body fat %, wait measurement AND an image of your ideal physique.

Seriously – what the fuck do you actually want to look like?

Get really clear on this image.

How do you want to look when your missus or mate takes a photo of you with you shirt off – off guard?

Do you want look like 96kg with tits?

Or do you want to look like 10% body fat with a tapered waist and a wide back??

TRUTH BOMB. (Follow this to build a great STRONG physique)

1.Push yourself to get stronger EVERY training session.

2. Nail your nutrition 80% of the week (chicas will literally be salivating over your bigger traps, wider back and smaller waist) and you still get to have a few beers and a pizza.

3. Stop giving a fuck about the numbers and start giving a fuck about the fact you want to be a man.

Women chase the scales.



Anyone who wants to be more alpha, build that Hugh Jackman-like physique around their busy schedule…

Drop me a private message and I’ll get back to you when I can.

Have a good’un

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