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Mo Farrah Fights Hugh Jackman

So one of the new chaps in my Facebook Group explained to everyone that he runs almost every morning

And he’s losing weight.

Fair play to the bloke, that is a massive effort and he is continuing to lose weight…ON THE SCALES.
In the long run (excuse the pun) – running can be a bitch on your ability to burn fat AND build muscle.

Weight training and HIIT training are hands down the best ways to build a lean and athletic Hugh Jackman physique.

By all means, if running makes you feel good and healthy, then keep on running Forrest.

But just understand if you train like Mo Farrah, you’ll look like Mo Farrah.

If you train like Hugh Jackman, you’ll look like Hugh Jackman.

I put a video up in my Facebook Group explaining how to train the right way to avoid losing muscle mass when you’re shifting fat.

You can watch it here:

Have a good one.


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