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Maily Dail Nonsense Making The Blues Worse

What a difference a day makes.

Absolutely hammering it down outside and the post-bank holiday blues have kicked in…

And something I’ve just read has cheesed me off even more mind you.

A story I saw on Facebook which linked to Daily Mail, gave the headline:

“Overweight father-to-be, 37, reveals how he swapped his ‘love handles’ for a six-pack in just EIGHT weeks – WITHOUT using a personal trainer”

I just shook my head in disbelief.

But one thing that made me chuckle was the comments.

Almost 40 blokes decided to call out this bullshit-like story.

They were doing my job for me and I loved it.

Because in the real world when you have:

– a stressful job

– long commute
– bills to pay
– family commitments
– a social life
– or a relationship

You’re going to find it impossible to get ‘Ripped in 8 Weeks’

I know I definitely can’t help busy blokes get ripped in that time.

It’s impossible.

But what I can do is help you shift the belly, love handles and man boobs and keep them gone – FOREVER.

Here’s a post yesterday from my client Chris – a busy Sales Manager from Aberdeen with 2 kids and what he says below is bang on! (Even f he is dressed as Mr Bumble!)

>>> See Chris’ mini-story and new slim suit!

So this a reminder really during this dreary Tuesday.

I can’t get you ripped in 8 weeks.

But I can definitely help you lose the belly, love handles and man boobs to help you build a: lean, toned and athletic physique.

It just won’t be in the made up ‘8 Weeks’ time period.

Have an awesome day,


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