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Lemonade & Coffee for Fat Loss?

Currently sat in a coffee shop in Fulham (it’s well posh) drinking a black Americano…

Then I got to lunch time and fancied a Sanpellegrino Lemonade – mate, they’re so nice and got me thinking about drinking these on holiday.

Now, yesterday’s holiday training was pretty interesting.

It might sound almost too straightforward but that’s the way I like it.

Stay pretty lean 365 days of the year, flexible dieting and working out when you can.

Just having a body that doesn’t have love handles, a gut and loose watery skin.

Once you’ve nailed that, then when it comes to holiday you can push a little more to really look lean and athletic.

And it’s great.


Because you don’t start panicking and doing drastic diets and workouts that just kill your body the week before you go away.

Unfortunately training too hard and not eating enough is a recipe for looking ‘skinny fat’ in my experience.

When you have small arms, shoulders, chest and legs with a little watery pot belly.

Sure you might have dropped a stone on the scales but you’re not going to look lean and chiselled.

If you want to be turning heads and looking epic in tight fitting t-shirts and shirts…

Well, the Lean Machine is the way to go.

(Yer I know, plugging my own program) but it’s true.

I’m sure you’ve seen the results coming in week after week.

It’s bloody brilliant.

Anyway, have a great weekend and speak to you soon,

Olly ‘Posh Bastard’ Rees

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