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Kelloggs Fat Flakes

Ahh the ol’ cereal advert…

Added Vitamin B…
More Fibre…
Good for your heart…

I even saw that Weetabix are now adding protein to their cereal (because they know people think they need more protein.)

Truth is, I’m getting sick of these adverts on TV falsely advertising that you need to start your day with cereal.

You 100% DO NOT need to start your day with cereal.

Why not?

For a start, cereal is absolutely jam packed with calories.

In a small box of Chocolate Krave cereal there are 1400 calories.

You can get two big bowls out of a box of Krave

Add milk on top of that and you’re pretty much on your way to your daily calorie limit in no time.

But it’s not even the chocolatey cereals that do the damage.

Even porridge oats have the same affect.

You see when you eat cereal, porridge or toast for breakfast your body needs to release insulin to take the sugar out of your bloodstream.

I’m sure you know this.

Problem is though, if you’re sat at your desk at work, there are not many other places to store this other than…well:

Your fat stores.

Even worse, when your bloodstream has been rapidly cleared of sugar, you get a huge crash and you need something to pick you back up in again.

What do you do?

You go and grab a cake, a mars bar or a biscuit…(you know what your favourite sugar fix is.)

Or you head out at lunch and buy a load of food only to then spend the rest of the afternoon behind a computer.

And this keeps happening – it’s a real addiction that I have 100% experienced myself.

But there is a way to fix this so you stay full all morning and through to the afternoon.

In fact a few of the guys starting the 90 Day Lean Machine Body Transformation Program with me have had the nutrition manual sent to them to start this week with a TONNE of energy.

No more energy crashes…

No more feeling like crap…

and no more gaining weight at work.

If you want to join them, you can find out more here:

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