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James Bond Joins My Programme

…This post might have you shaken but hopefully not stirred…

I spoke to my client Sam recently and here’s what he said to me after getting halfway through the Lean Machine Intensive 12 Week Fat Loss Programme:

“Hired a tux for a Ball we went to on Sunday eve, hired the same as I had back in Feb for a cruise.

Had to take the trousers back as they now don’t fit me! Had some 2 sizes smaller.”

First off this is a regular apology I have to make to my clients…

You will have to either get new fitted clothes OR get back into those nice bits of kit in the wardrobe.


First off though…

Great work from Sam.

He’s been a pleasure to work with and he’s a busy bloke.who spends a lot of time on the road as a Sales rep.

Now though, he can look like an MI5 agent stood round the bar in his tux which is superb.

This didn’t happen by chance mind.

Sam took action.

He thought enough was enough and he decided to suck it up and join the Lean Machine Intensive 12 Week Fat Loss Programme.

Since then he hasn’t looked back….

I pride myself on the day to day support you guys get in the 1-2-1 online programme and I’m with you every single day to GUARANTEE you get the results that you want.

Sadly for a lot of guys though, the longer they put if off – the more weight they continue to gain around their middle.

That’s when it gets really uncomfortable.

That’s when it gets really tough.

So if you’re an action-taker like Sam…

===> You Can Apply Here For A Place Inside The Lean Machine Intensive 12 Week Fat Loss Programme Before The Deadline

If you want:

– To lose 3-8 inches from your gut
– Get back into tighter-fitting clothes
– Not feel the roll of fat creeping over your belt
– Get a decent level of fitness back

==> Then Apply Here

Or if you don’t want to do that and you’d rather put it off for another 6 months…

Just click away from this page.


P.s Did you know that September is the second ‘fattest’ month of the year just behind December?

I promise you this. September is either your chance to get ahead when it comes to losing weight or….you can get way, way behind.

==> If You Want To Get Ahead Apply Here Before The Deadline

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