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I’m Not Paying You

That was the message today I received from someone who unsubscribed from my email list.

Totally understandable, some people don’t want to pay for anything and I get that.

Funny thing is, the program that I offered yesterday was £21 for 21 days worth of body transformation training.

That’s £1 a day.

Now I get it, some of you might not know me yet.

Some of you might also not know that I run a free Facebook Coaching group which I use to DEDICATE myself to helping guys who were in the situation that I was in.

If you’re working long hours, completely shattered, overweight, not sleeping well and feeling like crap most mornings then this group is for you.

But do you know what’s funny?

It’s more expensive to buy a large Dominos pizza with a side of wedges then it is to have someone completely dedicate themselves to helping you burn a tonne of fat so you look better in and out of clothes in just 21 days.

Does make me laugh.

So look, if you’re someone who is genuinely interested in getting in shape again and you want the motivation to turn it around before it’s too late, then it would be great to have you in the free Facebook Group:

More details about that here: https://ollyrees.com/bodyshockgroup

This group is all about working out like a man, tracking your results, pushing each other to the maximum.

I will be with you 100% of the way buddy and so will everyone else.

But if you’re someone that wants everything for free…

Then get off my email list.

I’m not interested in helping you.


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