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I’m in Agony

So if you’re anything like me, you probably spent some time out in the sun this weekend.

The weather was bloody brilliant and when the weather’s great, I love doing the simple things.

Was just down the park with family, friends a few beers and a couple of ice creams.

(Oh and I also burnt the crap out of my arms haha)

Now to some, this ‘eating ice creams and drinking beers’ might seem ‘unhealthy’

But throughout the whole day I was in control.

I fasted for most of the morning, had a healthy-type salad for lunch and then finished the day with a few beers, a BBQ and a couple of ice creams with a load of family and mates.

The result?

I came in lighter this week and dropped a few cm off my waist and had a RIGHT laugh.

Now I didn’t binge and eat crap ALL weekend.

But I still enjoyed the sun and a fair few beers and good food with my friends and family.

Yer I might get some stick from people, but I know what I want and I know exactly what the guys I work with want to.

To be fit with a lean and trim physique where you can still go out in the sun, enjoy a few drinks and good food without feeling guilty.

A body where you’re just fit enough to do anything that you want.

A body that looks good in tight-fitting t-shirts and slim fit suits.

We’re not trying to be competition bodybuilders here. Not one bit.

Just hard-working, lean and fit blokes enjoying life and feeling bloody good doing it.

If you want some more of this, I can help amigo.

I’m not desperate to get just anyone into the coaching program.

I want you to be a decent bloke who wants to enjoy life to the fullest and look good doing it.

If you’re looking to spend all night cooking and all day panicking because you haven’t eaten ‘healthy’ then this program isn’t for you.

This program has grown A LOT in the last few weeks and I’m loving working with guys who are cracking on just fed up of feeling flabby and sluggish every day.

If you want in, just drop me a message.

Seriously, it’s that easy my man.

Have a cracking Monday anyway.

Speak soon,

Olly ‘Lobster Arms’ Rees

P.S Remember you can trial the Lean Machine for 30 days and if you don’t like it then no hard feelings and off you go. Likewise if I don’t think it’s for you I’ll tell you straight up. Just click this link: http://ollyrees.com/leanmachine and let me know if you want to start the 30 day trial. Worst case scenario – you drop a stone and 10cm off your waist in the 30 days

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