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I Did NOT See This Coming

So I grabbed a coffee from Starbucks this morning and decided to work from home today…

Way too busy down Cardiff Bay, so thought I’d just get set up at home.

And I genuinely wasn’t expecting to see what I’ve seen…

Now, some of you guys might not really know what I do but in short:

‘I help blokes who have piled on some timber around their middle sitting at a desk for long hours, get it off in rapid time whilst still enjoying good food, occasional alcohol and a great social life.’

In a nutshell, that’s it.

It’s super simple.

There’s no gym equipment needed or ridiculous meal planning where you spend hours in the kitchen.

Because I know if you’re reading this you definitely do not have the time to do that every day for the next few months.

Life WILL get in the way.

But I wasn’t expecting the feedback from the guys who are currently in the program to be this good.

It’s bloody awesome!

You can see their results and testimonials so far HERE

They are genuinely humbling and they did all of the work.

All I did was give them the strategy and kept them on the straight and narrow when they got busy.

Now I’m not going to over indulge on the point but I do my best to make sure you can follow a plan that gets you a RESULT!

I want you to be able to:

Look better in fitted clothes, turn heads on the beach, get more attention from the missus, attract more interest from girls at the bar or have more energy to do things with your friends and family.

That ^ is what I want for you.

I don’t just do ‘PLANS’ because they don’t work.

Other trainers might make you pay £97 for a PDF which you HAVE to follow to the letter.

That doesn’t happen in the Lean Machine because your life WILL try and get in the way and that’s where I step in amigo.

Sure it’s more work for me but I don’t care.

This program is about YOU and not about my ego or some cool plan I’ve written out

So I just want to ask you this…

Do you genuinely want to do something about not having the body that you want at the moment?

Summer is most definitely on the way and 3 out of the 5 places have gone to join the program already.

Most guys lose a stone and a half in the first 6 weeks and 3-4 inches off their waist..

What would that do for you?

So do you want to get involved and stop sitting on the fence because I KNOW I can get you there in no time?

Just email ollyrees@ollyrees.com and let me know if you’re interested because these spots will go VERY quickly.

Speak soon,


P.S If you want to see the results the guys are getting in the program ready to look ripped this summer (whilst still having a hectic working lifestyle) – you can see their results here

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