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I Broke Up With My Girlfriend Before This Bank Holiday

I don’t know if you’ve had this happen to you?

But it happened to me this morning.

I woke up at about 7AM preparing to put the final pieces of work together before the Bank Holiday.

Before I could lean out of bed, my girlfriend decided to put her hand on me hesitantly.

As I went to move she whispered:

“Why did you break up with me?”

I replied still half asleep and confused:


She had a really deep look of sadness on her face.

She genuinely thought that I had broken up with her.

It was only after a couple of seconds staring at each other that she remembered, she’d just been dreaming.

The funny thing is though – she’s looked at me differently for the whole day.

Whilst I’ve been making improvements to the 7 Day Office Belly Challenge, there’s been this awkward feeling between us – even though I didn’t do anything!

As random as this post is, I wanted to get this out before the weekend starts.

I’ve just made some cool updates to the 7 Day Office Belly Challenge which will make this Bank Holiday’s Shenanigans an absolute breeze…

So if you want to know how to go through all the fun this weekend WITHOUT adding more body fat…

Here’s where to start:


See you on the other side,


P.s we are still together so far!

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