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How To Lose 8 Inches From Your Waist This Weekend

It’s almost beers o’clock and hopefully you’ve got that Friday feeling brewing up…

Good news for you is that I now want to make your weekend even better.


By showing you how we helped my client Stew lose 8 inches from his waist whilst still enjoying a few beers over the weekend.

Yep, you heard that right…8 inches.

As you know, I’m definitely NOT about the chicken and broccoli lifestyle.

As great as it sounds in principle, it just does not take into account:

1. Stress
2. No time
3. Having a life

I know I keep harping on about it but initially eating the RIGHT amount of food is more important than trying to eat ‘healthy.’

Trust me on this – it’s what I do every single day of the year and it just works EVERY time. (586 people now can’t be wrong, right?)

So before you go and give yourself a well-earned break this eve, I’ve put together another little free training for you…

In this training I show you how we helped Stew (a great client and a top bloke) shift 8 inches from his waist in 12 weeks whilst sat down all day in an office (and drinking beers on the weekend)

===> If You’d Like To Lose A Shed Load Of Unsightly Belly Fat Like Stewart Then Just Watch This Training Here

I literally lay it out for you step-by-step and you can see in the photos how much his body has changed.

So if you’re planning on having a few beers tonight or indulging a little bit because it’s Friday…

===> Watch This Video To Understand How To Do It Whilst Not Adding Any More Fat To Your Waistline

Have a fantastic rest of the day.


P.s Got any questions about the training, just reply to this email and send them over before the training comes down tonight…

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