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How To Get Back On The Wagon After A Big Weekend

So one of the reasons we get everyone such good results inside the Lean Machine…

Is because we have a dedicated Nutritionist providing constant support inside the programme.

This is why ===> These Guys

All get such good results regardless of how busy they are.

But he wrote this post yesterday for the group and I had to share it because once you read this, your eyes will be opened…

Seriously – read this below:

“Had an iffy week? Results not been the best due to an increase in treats? Calories? Alcohol? Parties? Birthdays? Whatever it was…

Don’t worry, I have you covered 😉

The great news is that results are categorically NOT defined by one bad day.

Let me try and explain this by taking a big step back temporarily…

There are 52 weeks in the year.

Lets say 10 of those weeks on average you put 1lb on for whatever reason. Birthdays, 2 week All Inclusive Holiday… Xmas… Easter… Etc.

Lets say 12 of those weeks you maintained (This happens, it’s completely normal, maybe not this much over a year, but just purely for examples sake.)

So worst case let’s say literally 22 weeks of the year you have not taken a step towards your results.

(If you’re consistently actioning what I share with you and reaching out over and over every time you need help? This absolutely will not happen… but let’s use a ‘worse case’ scenario here… )

Let’s also say that on the other 30 weeks you actually lose 1.5lb on average per week. Some weeks it’s 2lb loss, some weeks it’s 1lb.

But the average = 1.5lb…

This means that EVEN when putting 1lb on for 10 weeks…

Maintaining for 12 weeks…

And staying consistent with results the other 30 weeks of the year…

You’d STILL LOSE 35 lbs over the course of a year?!!?!!!

That’s 2 and a half stone?!

You’d look like a completely different human, and this remember, is all worst case?!


Next time you have a blip, an off day, and emotional eating day, a cheat day, a stressful work day etc.

And this leads to a less than desirable day on the nutrition front?


REMEMBER this post.

ONE DAY of being off track does NOT define your results!!”

If I could sum up how we get such good results inside the Lean Machine – that ^ post would do it.

The Academy opens up at the end of this week and if you like the idea of really enjoying your life and still losing up to 35lbs of fat in a year (worst case scenario) then it’s for you.

If you’d rather do 4 weeks of crash dieting in January and a week before holiday with no results…it’s probably not for you.

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