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How To Enjoy The Red-Light District Bloat-Free

So last weekend I took my girlfriend away to Amsterdam…

You might have seen the millions of pictures all over social media.

(Girlfriend does that thing where she wants to take a billion photos every hour whilst I just want to enjoy it!)

Anyway, whilst enjoying ourselves food and drink-wise, neither one of us managed to gain any weight or add any extra body fat.

No, no – we definitely didn’t take our Tupperware to the Netherlands.

We didn’t cut out the carbs the week before…

And we didn’t wait until we got back to ‘start a program.’

Those who know me know that I like the odd beer and definitely enjoy my food.

So the two things we did to enjoy our trip and really not gain any weight were:

1. Walked and cycled everywhere
2. Ate a smallish lunch and enjoyed one big evening meal.

That was it.

When people tell me they’ll start a program when they’re back from a trip…

It’s such a waste of time.

Because your trips away will never stop and eating healthy for a couple of weeks is pointless, boring as hell and makes literally NO difference to your physique.

So if you use the framework above when you’re away, it will do no damage to your progress as long as you know how to do it properly.

Simple way to enjoy your trips without doing ridiculous crash diets or pointless low carb weeks beforehand.

If you want to know how to do this and you’d like your own custom nutrition and exercise plan that helps you chip away the uncomfortable gut week after week after week…

We can make one for you here:

Just fill in you deets and we’ll be in touch if we think we can help.

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