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How To Drink Beer And Lose The Gut Whilst Working In An Office All Day

Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?

If you answered ‘yes’ right now then I’m about to prove you wrong…

That’s because with every client I work with I have NEVER told them to cut out alcohol.

In fact, I’ve never told them to cut out anything to be honest.


Because it doesn’t work.

Don’t believe me?

I just want you to have a think about all of the people you know who’ve said they’re going to, on Monday, cut out:

– alcohol
– chocolate
– sweet stuff
– ‘the crap’
– bread
– carbs

Now I want you to think about these two things:

1. How many of those people stuck to this for more than a year?

2. How many of those people maintained any of the results they got from ‘cutting stuff out’ a year later?

I bet it’s not that many…

You see the reason all of these guys got great results ===> here

Is because initially we focused on just eating the right AMOUNT of food to lose body fat.

Not the TYPE of food, just the amount.

Once you’ve done this you’ll find that you’ll start dropping body fat.

THEN you can start focusing on improving the quality of your food and your overall nutrition.

Adding in more vegetables…

Getting more fibre…

Staying hydrated…

Eating more protein…

And the list goes on.

Sadly, people get this the wrong way around and can’t stick to any sort of ‘programme’ and definitely do NOT maintain any of the results from cutting stuff out.

(Plus it’s so boring eating the same bland food whilst missing out on the good stuff)

So if you’d like to still enjoy all types of food with your friends, family and/or partner…

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Now I’m off to grab some eggs and bacon.

Speak later,


P.s If you think you can binge eat and drink 5-7 pints per day and still lose weight…do NOT apply

This is for disciplined blokes who want to get some fast fat loss results from around their middle whilst still having a life.

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