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How Do I Lose Weight When I Work Such Long Hours?

So my buddy Chris replied to an email yesterday with a very reasonable question.

It’s something which I know a lot of you guys probably feel like too…

And the question was:

“Olly, I’m so busy at the moment mate.

I genuinely don’t think I have time to follow any sort of fitness plan.

How do I get the weight off when I’m working 60-70 hour weeks, with friends and family on top of that?”

This is a seriously good question and appreciate you reaching out Chris as it means you actually are trying to solve this problem.

So first up…

Let me start by saying:

If you follow the generic fitness advice from the oiled up dude on Instagram or the guy on the front of Men’s Health then I’d suggest that you are too busy for that.

Going to the gym 5-7 times per week, every week and having your nutrition on point from Monday all the way through to Sunday…consistently – is near on impossible.

So if that type of program is what you’ve got in mind…

If that is the type of program you think you have to start to lose weight – it will never happen.

Seriously, think of how many people you know who start those sort of intensive programmes and genuinely stick them out for more than a year?

Not that many.

You see, the problem I have is that you guys don’t live in the fitness world.

You live in the real world.

Where you graft hard…

You like to enjoy social occasions with friends and family on the weekends…

And you don’t want to be in the gym or eating out of Tupperware every single day of the week.

So Chris- my words of advice…

Stop following the recommendations of people whose job it is to look ‘massive’ in the gym or ‘ripped’ on the front of a magazine.

Take the middle ground.

Where you look: lean, toned and athletic but still have a life.

Not ‘ripped’ or ‘pumped’ but definitely not fat and uncomfortable.

That’s where your problem is solved.

Cheers for reaching out buddy,


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So if you’re really confused about what the heck to do and are looking to take action like Chris…

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