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He Went In WAY Too Hard

You might be able to relate to this…

So last night one of my guys dropped a message in the private support group.

Steve’s lost 10lbs already and had a question about what to do next to keep the progress going.

My answer – just keep doing what you’re doing.

With the support and everything in place, Steve will get all of the fat off that he wants without having to:

– panic
– stress
– or deal with the frustration of not seeing anymore progress.

This is where loads of blokes slip up….

Where they go in TOO hard at the beginning with everything.

Start running 4x per week…

Then also going to the gym 2x per week…

Then eating only salads and ‘healthy’ food…

And before you know it – BOOM.

They’re stuck, absolutely starving and ready to give up because the scales won’t move anymore.

So they try and push HARDER and it just makes things way worse.

I don’t know if you’ve been in this cycle before?

But I can tell you first hand it’s really frustrating…

Good news is though is that there’s a reason I’ve spent tens of thousands of pounds on educating myself to make fat loss pretty simple.

It’s taken a hell of a long time, plenty of studying and loads of failed attempts but now it’s pretty simple and by following the science we’re consistently helping busy blokes:

– lose 3-8 inches from their waist
– feel less bloated
– have more energy
– and lose 1.5 – 3 stone

All in less than 90 days.

So if you want an idea of this will work for you…

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P.s The 94 guys currently working with us:

– Work 40-70+ hours per week
– Some have injuries and can’t actually exercise but still get great results
– Have kids
– Have a partner
– Still eat out with friends and family
– Travel all over the world with work
– Spend long hours on the commute
– Have still got results whilst having a great time on All Inclusive holidays

===> Fill In The Questions Here And I’ll Send You Over A Personal Video With My Recommendations For You To Get Results Like Our Guys

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