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He Lost 4.3 Inches On The 2 Hour Commute

Another day begins in Costa Del UK…

Hope you’re having a good one and I’m not sure whether you spend a fair old time on the commute…

Because out of the 82 clients I’m working with at the moment, almost all of them have to endure a fairly long commute.

In fact over the last 12 weeks one of my clients (Swapnil) commutes every day from near Reading into London.

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However it’s not all doom and gloom.

In the time we’ve worked together so far he’s still managed to lose 4.3 inches from his waist in just under 12 weeks.

Not bad that is it?

And all we did was follow the steps in the…

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Not long left now until it’s no longer freely available.

So if you want it…

Get stuck in.

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