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How Grass Beat Me To A Pulp

You wouldn’t believe it but it’s true.

This weekend I was viciously beaten up by…some grass.

On Saturday I was asked to play in a Rugby Sevens tournament.

Now I haven’t played rugby in about 6 months and if you’ve been watching the Olympics recently, you’ll know that Sevens rugby is like normal rugby BUT 10x HARDER!.


The pitch was solid, I cut open the skin on my legs and smashed my joints making tackles.

In fact on Sunday evening I had to ask an old man to help me out of my seat on the train because I was that sore.

What does this have to do with anything Olly you might ask?

Well, last night after I got home from the tournament in Oxford I was tempted to just go to bed, not take my measurements or track my photos and START ON MONDAY.

But I didn’t.

The old me would have though.

No doubt I would have felt sorry for myself and justified the need to eat 3 pizzas, down 4 cans of Strongbow and watch Netflix all night.

But that’s the old me.

And I have to say it was the right choice.

I took my measurements, ate a healthy meal, had a hot and cold shower, did some stretching, went to bed and woke up feeling flippin’ awesome.

No Sunday night anxiety. No Monday morning guilt. I’m still in the game and I want exactly the same for you.

So I’ve created something pretty cool for all of you fellas going into the office today fed up of getting nowhere with your training and nutrition regime.

You can check it out here:

Have a good day bud.



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