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Getting Stabbed in the Valleys

So today I will be venturing out into the Valleys…

Wish me luck.

My little old Gran lives in Aberdare, Wales and if you haven’t been there it’s a little bit ‘different’ shall we say.

I love my Welsh heritage but because my parents decided to move me to Oxford when I was very young, my accent doesn’t really…fit in.

Luckily I can still do a decent enough impression of a bloke from the valleys and this has kept me safe so far…

Now that I’m off to my Gran’s I know she will have a bloody huge meal (and biscuits) lined up for me.

This has a lot of ‘fat potential’ and in the old days I would have been well over my calorie limit and adding flubber to that waistline like nobody’s business.

Different story now though.

With intermittent fasting I’m able to prepare for one afternoon of Gran’s food craziness and not look a damn sight fatter.

See this is the benefit with the Lean Machine methods.

I know you’ll probably have some kind of event, lunch, night out or meal planned for today.

Wouldn’t it be great to go to it – indulge – not be unsociable but also – not get fat??

Since I’ve started using these methods (which are not magic by the way) I have seriously limited the damage I have done to my body and had a great time doing it.

So if you feel like your weekends are the reason for your fat gain, THIS is a VERY simple way to avoid gaining more fat around your gut and still loving life.

Anyway, wish me luck today and if I don’t speak to you soon you can assume I’m either in a ditch or in the boot of a Subaru Impreza somewhere.

Have a cracking Saturday.

Speak soon


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