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Why You Should Eat More Sugar Than You Think

Right so this used to be a big problem for me.

In fact, it’s probably a huge problem for 99% of the population in the UK.

And that’s SUGAR addiction.

Yep, the addictive little high that you know you shouldn’t have but you just well, do.

Biggest problem with sugar consumption is the guilt that comes after you eat it.

Beforehand you can feel the excitement building when you unwrap that chocolate bar or shake some sugar off that doughnut – preparing for it to go down the hatch in one.

But then after?

Man it’s bad…

The sluggish crash in energy is awful.

It normally puts me in a REALLY bad mood until I have something else sugary.

And in a lot of offices and workplaces you’ll see this happening throughout the day.

People constantly needing pick me ups to just get through a day sat in the office.

Want to know my suggestions for giving it up?


Not initially anyway.

I always feel people’s problems start when they go from being completely addicted to sugar to then trying to give it up for good.

They go cold turkey and then feel like they’re missing out all of the time and the temptation just gets bigger and bigger – until you give in, binge and just think it’s impossible to stop.

What do I recommend and like to do?

Work out a calorie amount that’s going to help you burn fat every single day in the office, doing just 3 body weight circuits 3 times per week.

And just fit the sugar into your calories to start with.

When the first stone and a half comes off whilst you can still enjoy the odd sugary snack and the momentum this builds for you is unstoppable.

In fact, in a lot of cases the blokes I work with can drop out sugar after they get this first bit of weight off because they realise they don’t actually want it.

So if you think the Lean Machine Program is all about cutting everything out and making your life hell.

It’s really not.

Just something to think about as I know a lot of guys I speak to think sugar is their kryptonite.

That strategy above ^ will make sure it isn’t.

Take it easy and have a cracking Monday.


Olly ‘Sugar is Sexy’ Rees

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