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Dreaming of You Last Night

Last night I was up pretty late planning for this week.

Getting everything in place to turn out some good content – content that actually helps you guys.

Sounds cheesy doesn’t it?

But, to be fair I absolutely love it.

Ironically last night I stayed up late preparing to talk about how sleep problems/a lack of quality sleep plays a huge part in how you look.

Back in the day, I was sinking 7 coffees in a 12 hour period.

I was still going to bed exhausted but just wasn’t sleeping properly.

It would take me a good 2 hours before I could focus usually.

I found this one of the most annoying aspects of working in an office under stressful conditions.

Just starting the day with a kind of anxious tiredness.

That’s why this week I’ll be talking about stress and sleep.

In fact, there are a couple of techniques you can use to wake up full of energy AND actually have a deep quality sleep.

Has a lot to do with blood sugar and your nervous system.

Is sleep something you struggle with?

Let me know…

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