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Confessions Of A Weight-Losing Commuter

So we go into October today and these chilly mornings mean it does feel like Summer has officially ‘retired.’

And this is why I wanted to warn you…

Over the weekend I had a chat with a good friend of mine who’s part of the Lean Machine Academy.

He travels into work from Oxford to London throughout the week and he told me on the weekend how he’s so happy he’s part of this programme.


Because he said that during this time of year, this is when he’d normally lose control.

With the evenings being darker and plenty of client lunches/dinners booked in he’d normally just spiral downwards…

And I think this is massively similar to a lot of guys in the UK going into Autumn/Winter.

This is where all of the damage is done for next year because gaining weight doesn’t happen over night, it happens over months and months.

Because let’s say from now until November you gain just 1lb per week which is VERY easy to do…

That’s an extra 8lbs before we’ve got into Christmas.

Bear in mind that the average person then puts on 5lbs over Christmas and you’ve almost put another stone on already.

Do you know why this frustrates me?

Because you guys aren’t told this stuff…

You’re just stuck in it and before you know it, you feel so far behind that it almost feels like it’s too late to start…

Until you realise you’re on holiday soon and you’re going to have to take your shirt off…

Or you realise you suddenly can’t get into any of your favourite: shirts, t-shirts and jeans.

If I could give you one bit of advice – it’s this…

Don’t wait until the New Year to do something.

Because deep down you know that if you can’t do something now, the chances of trying to do something in January when you’re trying to catch up with work are pretty much zero.

It’s not all doom and gloom mind you…

Every month for a couple of days I give you the chance to get a free personal video from me, telling you what I think you should be doing to get the weight off right now.

If you know that this would really help you out…

===> Just Fill In The Questions Here And I’ll Get Your Personal Fat Loss Video Sent Over To You ASAP

Remember, don’t leave it too late.

Have a good’un


P.s If I send over the video to you and get no response back…

Then I’ll be deleting the video.

I just don’t have the time to help people who can’t be arsed to send a simple reply via email.

We’re looking for action takers.

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