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How To Jump Out Of Bed And Workout Every Morning

So I just finished my workout and posted it in the Body Shock Group this morning… But. I’m not going to lie, I found it tough to get out of bed this morning. It’s a misconception that Personal Trainers and Fitness Cover Models spring out of bed every single morning and fly to the gym. Everyone […]

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I’m Not Paying You

That was the message today I received from someone who unsubscribed from my email list. Totally understandable, some people don’t want to pay for anything and I get that. Funny thing is, the program that I offered yesterday was £21 for 21 days worth of body transformation training. That’s £1 a day. Now I get […]

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How Grass Beat Me To A Pulp

You wouldn’t believe it but it’s true. This weekend I was viciously beaten up by…some grass. On Saturday I was asked to play in a Rugby Sevens tournament. Now I haven’t played rugby in about 6 months and if you’ve been watching the Olympics recently, you’ll know that Sevens rugby is like normal rugby BUT 10x […]

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When Busy Men SHOULD Drink Protein Shakes

I have previously made the point that protein shakes can be overkill if you’re looking to lose fat. For most hard-working men who spend the majority of their day sat behind a computer, a protein shake is an unnecessary addition to your total daily calorie intake. Funnily enough, most of the advertisements that suggest you […]

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