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Interested In This Fat Loss Programme For Busy Guys Working In An Office Or On-The-Road?

I’M LOOKING FOR NO MORE THAN 10 BLOKES WHO WORK 40-60 HOURS PER WEEK IN AN OFFICE OR ON-THE-ROAD WHO WANT TO LOSE THE BLOATED GUT. I’m looking for 10 guys who seriously want to lose the uncomfortable feeling of the belly pressing against tighter shirts and t-shirts. You’ll be expected to lose a minimum […]

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About To Go Ape

So I don’t know if you’ve had one of these days? You know the ones right? Where work is just mental… You’ve had no time to yourself… You’ve had to pick food up on the go… Your phone and emails are going crazy…. The commute to and from work is extra slow… Then you get […]

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An Honest Confession

Bit of ‘real talk’ today. So I received this cracking message yesterday and it got me thinking… It was posted by a brand new client Matt: Here’s what Matt said: “By far the best programme I’ve ever committed to. I’m only two weeks in and I already feel so much better, confident, determined and reassured. […]

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