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Bantersaurus Rex

One thing I don’t do is take myself too seriously.

I had an email subscriber once unsubscribe from my email list and put the reason for leaving as “I like curry”.

Now this did make me lol.
So I replied with: “So do I, just ordering my korma now.”

You see, I’ve got myself to to around 9-10% body fat and am at the point where I can order a curry, have a beer and it makes absolutely no difference to how I look.
It’s not my age.

And no, it’s not the ‘metabolismsszz”

It’s just knowing what you’re doing and not trying to copy Fitness Cover Models who are geared up on litres of Trenbolone and Superdrol.

Seriously, 99% of┬áthose guys on Instagram who post motivational quotes with lats bigger than Batman – are on gear.

They are in the gym, minimum of six times per week, chowing down broccoli and motivating you to sign up for their ab blasting pre workout formula.


So anyway – I’m not like this. Because I’ve been outside of the health and fitness space.

Into the daily grind of low energy, stress, thinning hair, low sex drive and much more.

So if you want to start turning things around – whilst also having a laugh…

Then this Facebook Group could be for you:

Have a good’un.


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