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How To Lose 3-8 Inches From Your Waist Whilst Sat Behind A Desk All Day

About to head into Reading for the day shortly but excited to get this message out… That’s because today I’m looking for 5 men who want to lose 3-8 inches from their waist whilst working up to 70 hours per week (in less than 90 days.) If you seriously want to lose the uncomfortable feeling […]

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The Obstacle Run Fat Loss Plan

Would you like to do this..? I got a message two days ago from one of my clients Darren, who lives up in Scotland. He dropped a couple of photos in our private members group and added this alongside them: “Saturday’s on the left, 10k beast done, would’ve been impossible to even contemplate before joining […]

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Why Salads Are Weight Loss Suicide

So… You’ve probably been told you need to cut calories to lose weight and that’s true to an extent. You DO need what’s known as a calorie deficit to lose fat. This is when you’re eating fewer calories than you burn, which forces your body to burn fat. That’s basic science but so many people […]

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