Who The Heck is This Olly Rees Guy?
Does every day feel like another battle with sugar cravings, brain fog and weight gain around your waist?

Building a great body alongside long working hours in an office or on the road is a tough ask.

As a former overweight and fed up office-bound Recruitment Consultant, I totally understand how hard it is to build the body of an Adonis when you spend most of your day glued to a screen just inhaling stress.

Unfortunately, a lot of what you've been told about getting 'healthy' and 'fit' is complete nonsense.

I'm here to fill that gap with the right information so you can finally shift the beer belly, lose the love handles and just be 'fit' again.

As a Strength & Conditioning Coach, Sports Massage Therapist and Advanced Personal Trainer, I've developed a comprehensive understanding of what needs to be done to build a lean, strong and athletic physique.‚Äč
I'm pretty happy to say I've created a nutrition and training system (the Lean Machine) that helps men trapped working in stressful office-based or car-based conditions fight:

- fatigue
- depression
- weight gain
- overwhelm
- sickness
- guilt

A life spent cooped up in an office or in the car WILL take it's toll on your body - there's no doubt about that.

Thinning hair, low libido, weight gain and insomnia are just a few of the symptoms you can easily associate with a lot of guys working long hours in an office or on-the-road

But this CAN be changed using the ever-so-simple Lean Machine Principles.

If you're a guy working under stressful conditions in an office or on-the-road, I'm genuinely dedicated to helping you:

- Regain your confidence when you look in the mirror
- Shift the annoying puppy fat around your middle and hips
- Reboot your libido and natural energy levels
- Be more productive at work; with better focus, productivity and more energy in the afternoons
- Sleep like a baby every night to fight off stress and excess fat/water weight

Still enjoy great food and a few beers with friends and family in the evenings/on weekends because for me - life is still about living
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