Who Is Olly Rees?
Building and maintaining a fit, toned and healthy body alongside your: work, family and social life...

Is tough.

As a former overweight and office-bound Recruitment Consultant, I totally understand how difficult it can be to try and merge a healthy lifestyle with very hectic: work, family and social commitments.

My personal mission is to be able to help as many people as possible, realistically build a: fit, toned and healthy body around their work, family and social life.
Spreading the word to the staff at ION Trading inside the Gherkin Tower
I'm pretty happy to say that we're well on the way to doing just that.

If you're someone who's become increasingly frustrated with the information overload and you just want something that fits in with YOUR work, family and social life - my team and I are here to help.

We will help you:

- Permanently shift the excess weight from around your middle and those uncomfortable areas

- Comfortably wear professional and social outfits with confidence again

- Reboot your libido and natural energy levels so you do more than just crash out when you get home

- Be more productive at work; with better focus, productivity and more energy in the afternoons

- Manage stress better so sleepless nights are a thing of the past

- And still encourage you to take part in social situations without the usual guilt of 'falling off the wagon.'

If this sounds like something you'd like to experience, every week we open up spots for 6-8 busy men and women to test drive our programmes for 21 days.

To be in with a chance of testing this programme, just click the button below and complete the application process.

We'll then be in touch very soon:
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