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66% Of Men Are This

This is a bit of an honesty post for you today before the weekend…

You might have seen me mention a certain statistic yesterday.

And that statistic was this:

“66% of men in the UK are overweight or obese”

This was taken from the National Institute for Health Research website and it blows my mind.

Because ironically we have more gyms, more diets and more fitness gadgets than ever…

Yet guys are continuing to struggle to lose weight, feel good and get back in control of their health.

BUT I honestly think I understand why this is happening, even if it is slightly ignorant.

I think it’s because the fitness industry keeps selling you the idea that in order to lose the belly and get fit you need to:

1. Get more motivated
2. Cut out all of the bad stuff
3. Be in the gym or exercising 5-7 times per week

And it’s just NOT working.

Because deep down guys do NOT want to do this – especially for no longer than a few weeks.

Although the majority us guys like the idea of getting ‘ripped’ or having big bulging muscles…

The truth is – the majority of us, we don’t really want it that much

And we definitely don’t want the lifestyle that comes with it.

The one where we have to:

– Prepare 6-7 meals for the day – every day of the week
– Cut out all: alcohol, sugar and basically anything that tastes good
– Hit the gym 5-7 times per week hard for the rest of your life

In principle it’s great, it really is.

But it’s NOT the real world.

The real world where:

– Work stress
– Relationships
– Bills
– Social occasions
– And family holidays

Get in the way.

And they get in the way ALL the time.

I honestly feel like the reason 66% of blokes in the UK are overweight or obese is because we keep making it impossible to start…

We keep selling hardworking blokes who slog it out on the commute all day and spend all day under stress in the office or on the road…

The idea that they need to start the lifestyle above.

But they can’t – because it’s bloody impossible..

So every one of these guys feels this constant level of guilt when they postpone their health kick…

Or when they ‘skip a workout.’

This guilt feeds on itself over and over as more weight piles on.

So look…

If I could give you any bit of advice, it’s this:

Follow the middle ground.


– You have a lean, toned and athletic physique (not ripped)
– You look and feel great in tighter-fitting shirts and t-shirts
– You can take your top off and not feel fat
– You can still enjoy a few beers and pizza on the weekend
– You can do exercise that you actually enjoy
– You can keep it up for 365 days of the year (not just when New Year comes around)

So look as a final reminder…

I’m going balls to the wall to help lower this statistic.

I am not going to stop until I hit my target this year of helping 1,000 busy hardworking blokes in the UK:

– Lose the gut
– Get fit
– And get their mojo back

I’ve helped 473 so far (with 82 more now working through their transformation.)

So I promise you this, I won’t stop trying to help.

Just remember…

Take the middle ground.

Have a good’un


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