50 Shades Of San Miguel - Olly Rees

50 Shades Of San Miguel

So it was my parent’s joint birthday party on the weekend…

The surprise party was a right laugh but the only thing that let it down was the only lager available…

San Miguel!

Much rather a Peroni or Amstel when I’m indulging with friends and family.

Now, as I got chatting to a few of my mates and family I hadn’t seen for a while, they all mentioned:

‘Mate, you look like you’ve lost weight.’

Now they all know I’m a Personal Trainer but the main thing that followed this was:

‘I don’t get how you do it? How do you get the motivation to train and eat right?’

Ironically, I was stood there lecturing the lads with a third San Miguel in hand.

But this was my point, I still enjoyed myself.

I trained 3 times a week (for a max of 45 minutes) and I just skipped breakfast and ate two big and delicious meals most days.

I know…

It’s seems ridiculous – but it flippin’ works and isn’t based on BS science.

I’ll happily hit you up with the research.

I know you’re still reading this thinking….”Olly, mate, you’re talkin’ out your arse.”

But my clients and myself are living proof that it works.

You can go out on the weekends, sink a few beers, have some good food and still get lean.

Trust me fella – it’s possible.

Speak soon,


P.S If you want to watch the video where I talked about how to get motivated when you really can’t be arsed to exercise, you can watch it here: https://www.facebook.com/olly.rees8/videos/10154084742457825/

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